• Lindy’s

Lindy’s is the most well-known and greatest of the classic Broadway delis.  Leo “Lindy” Lindemann and his wife Clara opened the first restaurant on August 20, 1921 on Broadway in New York City. Lindy’s quickly became known for its enormous combo sandwiches, blueberry waffles and most especially the cheesecake, now synonomous with “New York Style”. Being right in the heart of the theater district also made Lindy’s a hangout for Broadway and Vaudeville stars.

Damon Runyon, the writer, was a big fan of Lindy’s and wrote the restaurant into his books as “Mindy’s”.  His stories were eventually made into movies and the musical “Guys and Dolls” in which Lindy’s is immortalized in song.  This grand deli has always attracted a colorful New York crowd – from celebrities and politicians to gangsters, journalists and hungry tourists.

As long as there is entertainment in New York, there will always be Lindy’s.

825 7th Avenue at 53rd Street