Gary M. Trimarchi

Gary M. Trimarchi originally started with Riese Restaurants over 40 years ago in 1973, working his way up from restaurant manager of Riese’s Brew Burger restaurant chain. As President and Chief Operating Officer of Riese Restaurants, Mr. Trimarchi’s efforts to bolster operations, control costs, and provide leadership were instrumental in the successful restructuring of National Restaurants Management, Inc. and its emergence from Chapter 11 as a completely debt-free company. In November 2000, Trimarchi acquired stock in National Restaurants Management, Inc. making him the company’s second largest stockholder. His business acumen and efforts also helped the company successfully manage recovery from the devastation on September 11, 2001.
Dennis Riese, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Riese Organization, made it official on November 14, 2002 that Gary M. Trimarchi has been elected President and Chief Operating Officer of National Restaurants Management, Inc. Mr. Riese also announced proudly on that very same day that National Restaurants Management, Inc., will be formally doing business as Riese Restaurants.

“This promotion is extremely significant for several reasons,” says Dennis Riese. “First, Gary has earned the position through sheer hard work, proven results and many, many years of dedication. Our company is on the soundest footing of (then) 62, year history, and Gary has contributed significantly to our current condition. Second, and most significant, is the fact that Gary Trimarchi becomes the first non-Riese family member to hold this position. His election is a testimony of our confidence in his abilities.”

National Restaurants Management, Inc., which now conducts business as Riese Restaurants, is the original restaurant company of the late Murray and Irving Riese, and the parent company of approximately 24 restaurants in New York City.

Today, Gary is involved daily with operations on every level. His drive and determination are the key factors that keep Riese Restaurants thriving in today’s unpredictable economy.